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Michiel van Nieuwland

GSM: +31 (0)651003835

Michiel van Nieuwland has been graduated in 1989 at the University of Arts in Utrecht (HKU). Out of the techniques etching, lithography and relief printing he chose relief printing as his favorite, in particular linocuts.

“The simplicity of cutting linoleum and printing of what’s left over, proved for me to be the perfect limitation to develop my visual freedom”.

Since his year of study in Granada (1987-88), Van Nieuwland focuses on artworks consisting of repeating decorative patterns.


After the whole procedure of cutting and printing the prints (on very thin Japanese Tengujo paper) are glued together on canvas. The separate prints are combined as one piece of art
He starts with a pattern of lines, a hold, a first step on a new road. Step by step, by the repetition of colors and shapes, by printing and misprints, an artwork he wouldn’t be able to imagine at the beginning arises: a  linotableau.